When a client needs legal advice, when the clients confidence in a contract party is broken, it is capital that the terms and conditions of his collaboration with his legal counsel are clear.

Rawlings Giles ensures complete transparency with respect to fees and costs. Fees and costs are agreed upon at the first meeting and upon request the assignment is taken up in a written agreement.

We normally charge a fee based on billable time recording, combined with an hourly rate. The hourly rate is fixed on the basis of the nature and complexity of the issue, the experience and the know-how our attorney-at-law that handles the case. The urgency of the file and/or the results achieved can also be taken into account as an alternative to the hourly rate.

The nature of the issue may also justify a fixed fee or a percentage of the achieved result, for example in the case of recovery of unpaid invoices.

Cost of third parties such as bailiffs, notary publics, translators, technical experts,… will be communicated to the client in all transparency and before such costs are exposed.