Rawlings Giles Brussels advices both Belgian and foreign companies in matters such as:

Corporate law

If our clients need to solve or avoid some conflicts of shareholders or within management we can advise them and represent them to defend their interests. These kind of disputes often threaten the wellbeing or the very existence of a company. We can advise on appropriate corporate law measures as well as the development of successful defence strategies. Our practice in litigation helps our team to give such advices.

We also handle issues of corporate governance or compliance with the Belgian Company Code and other legislations. We advise directors and their companies with respect to issues relating to their liability and represent them in disputes.

Commercial law

Commercial law covers a wide range of types of business transactions. It consist of the negotiating and drafting of commercial agreements such as agency, distribution, licensing, and general commercial agreements. We ensure that these agreements meet the business goals of our clients and comply with the applicable laws.

Disputes / risks analysis / litigation

We have have in-depth experience in representing and defending the interests of clients before all Belgian courts as well as before national and international arbitration tribunals.

Our team does not only litigate in general commercial cases and liability matters, but is also a litigation specialist in domains such as corporate law, real estate, distribution law, insolvency and privacy.


Rawlings Giles advices both Belgian and foreign companies in the formation of Belgian legal entities.

In starting a business it is crucial to pick the proper legal entity and the business structure that is suitable for your needs. It’s more than filing the right paperwork with the registrar of companies, it also about employment and management agreements, businnes models, financing and effective decision making processes.

Rawlings Giles can help you to define the best legal form for your business and prepare all required documentations and fulfill all formailities.

We can assist you in matters such as:

    • Draft of articles of association/by-laws
    • Draft of shareholders agreements
    • Outline decision-making processes within the business
    • Filing documents with the Belgian register of legal entities
    • Assisting companies in relations with notary public and auditors

We enable companies and their directors to comply with statutory provisions under Belgian law and issues of director’s liability


Our law firm has a specific expertise in the field of national and international mergers & acquisitions in many sectors but especially in retail, manufacturing, real estate and IT.

Our focus is to represent our customers in the growing of their company and notably when this needs the incorporation of a new structure or the acquisition of an existing company or part of it. We also set up the restructuring plan of our clients or realize the transfer of distressed companies.

Rawlings Giles Brussels provides assistance and advice in all transactional operations and more specifically

  • Mergers & acquisition
  • Due diligence
  • Private equity
  • Restructuring / insolvency
  • Property portfolio transaction

Employment law

Employment law has a huge importance in Belgium and is crucial for your business. We therefore focus our services to provide to our customers the best advices to fulfill the national employment legislation. We also represent employers and workers in employment law disputes, provide assistance in drafting employment agreements, standard or tailored work rules, dismissal documents,… 

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