IT, Data Protection and Media & communications

Rawlings Giles Brussels advices both Belgian and foreign companies in matters such as:

Information Technology

Information Technology law regards the legal rules governing the use of electronic information and technology in the global marketplace. We represent individuals, businesses from all different industries and government bodies to help them structure information technology transactions and to anticipate potential sources of dispute between the parties to such transactions.

Data Protection

A lot of the litigation that occurs in the field of information technology results from companies or governments failing to keep customer and employee information protected. In an era where sensitive information is primarily stored in a digital format and is susceptible to all forms of data theft. Financial and health-care institutions, e-commerce websites, and ordinary businesses of all kinds, have all a great interest to protect their data and those of their customers.

Rawlings Giles can assist you and provide legal advice on data protection compliance, direct marketing, employee and customer privacy and privacy litigation.

Media & Communications

Rawlings Giles can assist you and provide legal advice and assistance before the (administrative) courts and regulatory bodies regarding media & telecommunications (radio/tv, telecom, print and socia media) on regulatory and contractual issues.

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