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Rawlings Giles Brussels assists their private clients in protecting, structuring their wealth and passing on their assets, in an ethical way fully compliant with all applicable legislations and regulations, and in particular:

Estate planning | Wills and Succession

Our dedicated lawyers will advise you estate planning and they will provide you with pragmatic solutions expressing your wishes as well as taking into account your priorities.

They will help you drafting wills in accordance with your objectives, and they will assist you with Inheritance disputes in search for the best solutions in your interests.

Tax regularization | Repatriation | Money Laundering requirements

Rawlings Giles can assist you with tax regularization and repatriation of foreign funds to Belgium. It covers assistance with compliance issues with banks or authorities in accordance with money laundering and the financing of terrorism preventive law.


Rawlings Giles can also advice and assist you, and your companies, with various direct or indirect tax issues (income tax; capital gain, VAT, real estate tax, inheritance tax, estate tax, gift tax, etc.).

Rawlings Giles Brussels assists their private clients in other legal aspects of their personal and family life and assets, such as:

Real Estate

Sale & Lease: Management & Disputes
Administration and division of joint ownerships

Divorce | Matrimonial Property

Nuptial agreements
Divorce proceedings
Matrimonial property disputes
Parental responsibilities

Legal Capacity Issues

Preemptive protective measures
Judicial protective measures
Enforcement of foreign decisions in Belgium

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