Rawlings Giles places clients’ needs first. We build our relationships on a high level of service, effective communication, mutual trust, understanding and fair rates. To these we bring our strong commercial awareness, commitment, and legal focus.

We endeavour to go to the core of the issue in our advice, using the correct assessment of the problem, and we seek to obtain a practically achievable solution that is supported by both facts and the law.

First and foremost, we are solution driven. We prefer a quick balanced settlement over and above lengthy, costly, and uncertain litigation.

If and when we litigate, we are determined and unbendable. We present our case in the most clear way and with force.

When we negotiate we do not limit ourselves to a pure legal reasoning. We involve tactical and strategic elements until the desired result has been reached taking into account possible hidden agendas and our the strengths of our own case.

We talk straight. We do not take pride in using legal vocabulary just for the sake of it.

Finally we offer more than legal solutions. We believe in exceeding expectations by solving problems and creating value in unexpected ways.  Our clients’ problems are our problems and our clients’ business is our business.   We actively promote our clients and look for ways to grow their businesses and improve their lives.  We encourage our clients and ourselves to reach beyond what is comfortable and usual, in order to see and achieve what is possible.